Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forex Trading is like stacking a deck of cards.

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Forex Trading is like stacking a deck of cards.
Forex Trading Is Like
stacking a deck of cards.

Have you ever tried stacking a deck of cards? If you do not maybe you should try now.
Place each piece of the map, trying to find the precise angle, calm and collected with a touch is the key to building your stack of cards.
First, you need a solid ground
 stableEnsuite, you must have covered the area. No open windows – if the wind blows, no fan blowing directly at you.
– In forex trading: It refers to trading psychology and emotions. This is the key that caused the majority of traders to failure. Greed, fear of loss, revenge is on the market, fear of missing a good trade. All this will blind the judgment of a good trade to tell a good trade.
You let distractions come to you because you thought he had.
 – In forex trading: You let lose your sight on the goal, you have bitten the hand that has fed you. You start focusing on other things, other than currency. You start bragging about how good you are. Watching TV while placing a trade.

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