Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to always be profitable in Forex trading.

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How to always be profitable in Forex trading.

Key Strategies Forex Trading? How to be always profitable

I always get the same questions from traders around the world: /> then they can follow? I know my forex trading strategy works .. but I can? t get profits month after month ..?
These are the questions I get frequently. And this is my general response to them.
I often ask them to return: /> You see, to be quite profitable. You can not abandon this important step.
This is FOLLOW.
Any successful businessman followed their own and their company? Performance.
This also applies to successful forex traders.
You must have a good and systematic monitoring of your business and your success.
As you can see if you are on track to success, or if you are not even on the right track .. /> forex trading
Here are some simple ways to track your forex trades:
First of all, you just have to focus on only a forex trading strategy least 1 time.
You can not exchange different forex trading strategies to set a time, one account.
If you do this –
My question to you is:
How do you know what is forex trading strategy working for you? And who does not?
Therefore, start negotiating strategy least one time.
Be specific about the strategy and not deviate or change
Example. change the way you enter, exit trades etc /> So run the business strategy for 20 occupations.
At the end of the test, what is your statement?
Are you profitable, breaking even or negative?
Then ask yourself, did you change something in the way, among the various businesses?
example. lot size is different, or you should not have entered a trade for sure, but you entered anyway.
If there is a gap? a change,
then you must restart the entire test.
By using this tracking method, you will be able to clearly see if the forex trading strategy you’re using is working for you.
Forex Trading Strategies? How to be always profitable
forex trading
Besides, I’ll recommend you to take screenshots of trades you entered.
This way, you can revisit all 20 trades you entered once testing is complete.
And you can clearly see what mistakes you made on certain trades and what are the things that you are entitled to some forex trades.
This method will avoid the same mistakes again. Ezekiel Chew

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