Friday, March 30, 2012

MQL5 Cloud Network Statistics

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MQL5 Cloud Network Statistics
 MQL5 Cloud Network has been successfully operating for more than half of one year already. Throughout this time the network has grown steadily and nearly 100 million tasks were accomplished with the use of its capacity. Hundreds and thousands of people from around the world responded to our proposal and presented their computing power to application developers MQL5.
Early in the project, we published a summary on the web page of the Network MQL5 main cloud. Today we want to share some additional statistical data show that activity in the clouds of our network calculations.

Various statistical data is automatically published on the new website page MQL5 cloud network. There you can observe the rate of the tasks by agents network, consider the location of agents and see the settings of the computers involved in the calculations.
The statistical data presented on the website is not final. In the future, we will add other quantitative parameters assessing the functioning of the network. If you have suggestions on new parameters, we will gladly accept them and implement them if possible. In the meantime you can visit the website and examine the statistics of network operations or participate in calculations of clouds and make money!


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