Saturday, March 31, 2012

X-Broker Forex Trade Review

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X-Broker Forex Trade Review

about X-Broker Trade Forex

 x-trade X-Forex trade is a regulated market, trading company based in Poland which has been online since 2006. They support MetaTrader 4 which is a huge plus for most traders. The company is trying to emphasize in their customer service, as well as having a stable platform automatically. Their automated trading system makes trades more quickly, although sometimes there are requites that are not pleasing to most customers. However, forex broker X-Trade only differ when it comes to exceptional customer service, and they offer on the phone holder. The business practices of brokers forex trade X-Muslims are also friendly. Transactions are executed within one business day, and if there are problems with the controls, a brief discussion with a representative online on Skype can solve the problem.
Broker Details

Country of Origin Poland

Leverage 1:100
settlement body Securities and Exchange Commissions of Poland (Komisja Papierów Warto?ciowych i Gie?d,
3 pips (EUR or USD)
Minimum requirement account $ 2,000

for X-Broker Trade Forex

Muslim friendly commercial
* Customer Service Very good
regulated by an official body

X-Broker Trade Forex

account opening * Complicated
* minimum requirement of high account
* Slippage


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