Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to trade binary options on Euronext Paris?

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How to trade binary options on Euronext Paris?
For a French trading binary options, the session of the Paris Bourse is ideal for taking a position during the day on the shares or the Paris index CAC 40. The Paris Stock Exchange lists nearly 1,500 companies listed, but of course, all these companies are not available in the market for binary options. Now an integral part of the complex NYSE Euronext, Bourse de Paris enjoys a strategic position for many European investors.
At the Paris Bourse, there are plenty of clues as the SBF 120 index, the CAC20 or the IT CAC but traders binary options can generally only invest in the CAC 40, which lists the forty most important quotes in Paris, since the major trading platforms that exist in French. To position themselves in the CAC 40, must especially pay attention to global economy and what is called appetite / risk aversion of investors


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